Monument to Servetus in the public park of Vienne (France) (1911) by Joseph Bernard. The monument seeks to reflect “a lesson of tolerance, an invocation to the freedom of exam, an example of sefl-sacrifice against the demands of an intransigent reason.” The monument is carved directly in Lorena stone. The monument is six meters tall. The monument is composed of a base with a pedestal in the center and five statues. Servetus is tied up standing on the pedestal, holding a book in his right hand.

The sculpture reflects the intense physical suffering of Servetus, but also the invincible energy that derive from deep convictions and the love for truth. On the right of the base a woman (representing the Science or Reason) shelters to sitting youngsters that represent the love for the truth and the faith on freedom. On the right and behind a man with the right hand holding his head and who represents remorse.